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Emergency Planning and Response Resources

Recursos De Planificación y Respuesta a Emergencias

Prepare for emergencies & sign up for alerts:

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Status update for Ventura County:

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Post disaster:

Pet preparedness:

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Prepárese para emergencias y regístrese para recibir alertas:

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Actualización del estado del Condado de Ventura:

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Después del desastre:

Preparación para mascotas:

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Please visit for additional languages.

Additional tips:

  • Keep important identifying documents and cash in a water proof container.

  • Consider prescribed and over the counter medications.

  • Non perishable pet food.

Replace expired items as necessary.

Keep this prepared kit in a designated place known to all family members in case of an emergency.


Need volunteers for your disaster response organization?

Visit Volunteer Ventura County to list your needs and requirements! Click the button below. 

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