Ventura County
Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)


What is VC-VOAD?

VC-VOAD is a collaborative of local non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, public institutions, and private entities dedicated to improving outcomes for people affected by disasters. VC-VOAD helps communities respond to and recover from major disasters by facilitating cooperation, communication, coordination, and collaboration. 

How does VC-VOAD benefit my community and me?

We meet on a quarterly basis to discuss best practices to be prepared to assist our community in the event of a disaster. We are not only active during disasters but provide support during all phases of disaster - preparedness, and disaster mitigation as well as recovery. 

Leadership opportunities: Nominations for Executive Committee starting in fall 2021. 

Members - Consider if any of the positions are a fit for you. This is an opportunity to support resiliency efforts in Ventura County! 

Who can be nominated?
Executive Committee members must be a representative of a Member of VCVOAD (with dues paid) and be willing and able to commit to the responsibilities of the role. 

The nominations committee will follow up and speak with all nominees.

Please submit nominations by July 31, 2021.   

Need volunteers for your disaster response organization?

Visit Volunteer Ventura County to list your needs and requirements! Click the button below. 

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